Learning to Ride a Unicycle

It is easier than you think

I’ve seen people learn to cycle unaided in as little as 4 hours but those people are complete naturals. The people fastest to learn are usually the fearless kind who can already roller-blade, ski, windsurf etc but personally being a mere normal mortal with no other sporting skills to speak of and a complete wimp at these things, I didn’t let go of the fence/rail/someone’s hand until I had been riding for more than 20 hours spread over several months but most people learn faster.

Of course, cycling roughly in a straight line unaided is one thing – being able to mount unaided and wield a hockey stick in such a way as to get a ball moving in the right direction takes a bit of patience.

Safety gear

When learning, you probably won’t need any special equipment.  But once you start getting active, some protection can be useful.  I wear knee pads and sometimes cycling gloves as I find I am most likely to fall on my knees and hands. Some people also wear a helmet.

Buying unicycles in Hong Kong

A unicycle with a 20″ or 24″ wheel is the most common and the easiest to learn on. Your first unicycle can be very basic.  You can buy a cheaper brand from about HK$800.

A unicycle with a 20″ wheel is easier to manoeuvre to play hockey and learn tricks.  Your leg should be almost straight (when your ankle is at 90 degrees) at maximum reach.  (It’s easy to buy a different length seatpost online.)

You can buy unicycles from many bicycle shops but they don’t usually have much of a selection.

Wanchai – These 2 shops near each other usually have unicycles for around HK$800 each.

Chat Kee Bicycle Co – (185 Wanchai Road, Tel: 2573-2620)
The Bicycle World – (15 Wood Road, Tel: 2892-2299)

Buying unicyles online

Buying online may be the best option for your unicycle needs. There is a wider range of products to choose from and delivery is typically just a few days.  Prices are lower but shipping costs must be taken into account. Here is a link to a website that provides a great selection www.unicycle.com (choose any country option: Korea, Australia, UK, US ..)

For something a little more unusual check out www.schlumpfdrive.com. They sell unique Swiss-made unicycles.

Travelling with Unicycles

It is no problem to take your unicycle on MTR, buses, minibuses, in taxis and on airplanes.


This is the skill levels chart for those interested.


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